Areas of Business Engagements to International Companies at Large

Your Sub-Sahara – African business success will largely depend on the people you will team up with – whether it is a supplier, distributor or a joint venture partner. How do you from the distance identify and assess who the right matching partner is in a market with limited online tools and inadequate data? We leverage our network in identifying and vetting potential partners to find the right match (es). We can assist in effectively identify a pool of potential partners, screen and rank according to your requirements and specifications. We look at each client as being unique in their needs, hence we endeavor to treat and assess each client individually.

Finding the right partner and getting a working partnership off the ground may not be theoretical rocket science but it does involve a great deal of practical craftsmanship and local insights. We can help you with cultural and business guidance to establish the right platform for your partnership with a Sub-Sahara counterpart. This encompasses the areas to focus on, identification of the required resources and the planning of the partnership. We deliver the craftsmanship that builds the foundation for solid business partnerships.

SIHL improves ones understanding of Sub-Sahara business culture, traditions and practices whereby an open dialogue and alignment of mutual expectations are a fundamental part of your journey towards a successful Sub-Sahara – African business.

The Sub-Sahara – African markets are fairly complex with dynamics, which emphasize the need for market insights for the right decision making. The markets hold a lot of potential for companies that are willing to grab the opportunities offered – and which have prepared for the markets and their characteristics. The special market drivers, dynamics and factors emphasize the need for market and feasibility studies, which provide valuable information, when assessing market potential and developing market strategies. SIHL perform market and feasibility studies to provide data and information as well as services that are designed to meet your needs for data on the market on matters such as: competitors, customers, partners and the market in all its aspects and the consumers of the products or services. We tailor the service to your needs and requirements.

If you are in the market to sell your products or services you may find that it will require a lot of adaptation or together with your local partners a complete rethink. Leveraging a decade’s work with local entrepreneurs and innovations, SIHL is uniquely suited to drive the process of adapting your current product or service, or to create new products and services afresh, around specific value propositions and a given set of resources and technologies

You have identified a possible business opportunity in Sub-Sahara – Africa and possibly found the right partner. How do you then go about developing a realistic and implementable business plan with appropriate strategies? How do you ensure that you capture and address Sub-Sahara – Africa’s characteristics, challenges and opportunities; and develop the right strategies to effectively address these? SIHL is on the ground and we have been developing strategies and business plans together with International companies and local businesses since 2012. We understand the region and are in a strong position to advice you and your local partner or counterpart, provide feedback and input to your business model and approach. The inclusive facilitated process is aimed at building ownership of the strategy with your local partner while providing you with a proactive contribution. A business plan is often required documentation by investors and we are ready to help you acquire the resources that will make your Sub-Sahara – African business a success.

Sub-Sahara – African markets have their own dynamics, which emphasize the need for market insights for the right decision-making. We deliver the data and insights – and expert access. Our services are designed to meet your needs for data on the market, competitors, customers and partners.

Business in Sub-Sahara – Africa is very relational and built on trusted networks. We can quickly identify and connect you to the organizations and individuals who are relevant to you and your business. Cultural and hierarchical challenges are overcome as personalized introductions are made.

Where do you start and how do you get started – with or without a local partner? What clients should you focus on and are there possibly some low hanging fruit that we could connect you to? We can from in-house resources and external network assemble the right advisory team.