Sub-Sahara – Africa currently has 25% of the world’s disease burden. Sub-Sahara – African is the only continent where death from infectious diseases is higher than from chronic diseases. To solve this disparity, it is therefore very important that companies out there with high quality medicines, laboratory equipments, medical consumables and dental healthcare set base in Sub-Sahara – Africa for the mutual benefit of both Sub-Sahara – Africa and international businesses in this sector. Skylinks already has in-house medical professional who is always dependable in offering sound advisory in as far as matters health are concerned

We serve the following sectors:

  1. Dental
  2. Medical laboratory/Medlab
  3. Pharmaceutical

Skylinks International carries out intentional, strategic engagement with relevant stakeholders in the Healthcare Industry for business sourcing, business development and business activation on behalf of our partners who are looking for new markets in Sub-Sahara – Africa.


Services offered:

  • We have a portfolio of distributors with established contacts including: dentists, dentist Boards, Dental clinics chains, dental hospital groups and Government Healthcare Stakeholders.
  • We cover various countries in Sub-Sahara market region.
  • We have contacts and networks with Dental Universities for learning materials.
  • We offer Distributorship & regional management for dental companies in the region market. In instances where we cannot distribute or supply, we identify potential distributors and suppliers.
  • Identify business potential for the pharmaceutical products portfolio.
  • Registration & fast track market access strategies.
  • Vast network of trusted & experienced importers / distributors.
  • Ensures geographic reach.
  • Provides adapted distribution channels to the product portfolio.
  • Solid financial background.


  • We have a wide range of contacts and networks with Medlab chains, Medlab stakeholders, Medlab boards and Medlab bodies.
  • We got portfolio of distributors and suppliers whom we can identify to cover given territory
  • We have Medlab professional with wider knowledge and experience having worked across Sub-Sahara region with reputable organization and NGO’s

Services offered to our International Medlab Companies:

  • Skylinks provides an integrated Market Access approach to help your products reach its potential in the Sub-Sahara African market.
  • At SIHL, we provide Compliance and Regulatory conformity.
  • We assist in identifying market opportunities.
  • We deliver orders and projects for foreign Medlab companies seeking entry into Sub-Sahara market.


Before expanding into the Sub-Sahara region, multinational biotech and pharmaceutical companies, need to answer several basic questions and understand the different market dynamics and challenges.

Through our consulting services, we help:

  • Identify business potential for pharmaceutical multinational companies.
  • Provide Market Access strategies and sales strategies into Sub-Sahara – Africa
  • Recommend operating models in line with product portfolio.
  • Recommend adapted strategies and organizational structures.

SIHL acts as the representative agent for specialty, biotech companies looking to penetrate the Sub-Sahara Africa region. We are the preferred strategic partner, providing turn-key solutions and support for their commercial operations.

We provide, in an efficient manner, the full commercial infrastructure, including pharmaceutical in-licensing, registration, distribution, sales and marketing. Combined with our commitment to evidenced-based medicine and to the highest international business standards, our expertise and regional knowledge are a significant added value for organizations with a growth agenda.

Our business development services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pharma licensing and registration
  • Market Access, Marketing and promotion
  • Medical and Pharmacovigilance support
  • Regional distribution
  • We have portfolio of distributors and suppliers whom we identify to sale the products across their market territories.
  • We have contacts and networks with pharmaceutical and chemist groups and chains for direct import orders.
  • We have portfolio of local pharmaceutical companies for license manufacturing or acquisition and Joint Venture options.
  • We have professional who are members of pharmaceutical bodies and organization and who have wider experience.
  • We have wider market coverage across many countries in Sub-Sahara region.

SIHL offers a wide range of services to International Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Identify business potential for the pharmaceutical products portfolio
  • Registration & fast track market access strategies
  • Vast network of trusted & experienced importers / distributors
  • Ensures geographic reach
  • Provides adapted distribution channels to the product portfolio
  • Solid financial background
  • Deliver market orders for international pharm companies seeking entry into the region.