{Foodstuff Commodities, Imports and Exports}

In the last five decades, Sub-Sahara – Africa has always been the continent with the highest population growth rate, which suggests that Sub-Sahara – Africa’s growing population is one of the drivers of its food import increase. Sub-Sahara – Africa’s population growth rate is nearly the double of the worlds’ population growth rate with a young and growing population that poses a serious challenge to food security, implying that in areas where local production is low, food will have to be imported to satisfy demand. If the growing population size has contributed to the rise in imports, it is important to know whether the population growth per se or the growth in net food imports (or consumption) per capita is the main reason for the import rise. Data indicate that the total net food imports (in real term, i.e. deflated,) for Sub-Sahara – Africa as a continent grew at about 3.4 percent per year while population grew at about 2.6 percent annually.

Sub-Sahara – Africa is host to 60 per cent of the world’s uncultivated arable land yet currently spends an estimated US$35 billion per year on importing food with the figure projected to shoot up to US$110 billion by 2025.

Sub-Sahara – Africa is the only region of the world where its proportion of the population that is food insecure is on the increase.

The challenge of feeding Sub-Sahara is immense, with need for rapid increases in global food, feed and biofuel production to feed the region.

Population growth, low and stagnating agricultural productivity, policy distortions, weak institutions and poor infrastructure are the main reasons that  Sub-Sahara – Africa has become a net importer of foodstuffs and agricultural products, despite its vast agricultural potential, is puzzling.

In the world of food safety is paramount and working with an organization that has a world-class reputation for delivering quality and value is vital to your success. Skylinks is the partner you can trust to support your needs wherever you are positioned along the supply chain. From producers and distributors to retailers, our experts can work with you to make the most of a rapidly expanding world of possibilities, ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering customer satisfaction.

Whether you are bringing new and innovative food products to the market or improving your supply chain, we can help you identify regulatory requirements and define performance criteria. From concept to consumer, we offer a complete range in market access.

SIHL is a market access agent firm in foodstuff commodities primarily in Sub-Sahara – Africa region representing international companies as well as market access agents representing local foodstuff commodities, producers, farmers and exporters.

As foodstuff commodities consultants we understand the Sub-Sahara – Africa countries needs and demands when it comes to foodstuff commodities industry.

We got portfolio of foodstuff commodity suppliers, distributors, importers, retail chains and stores who can promote and drive international commodities into Sub-Sahara region markets.

Our experts not only assist in identifying right contacts to drive your brands, products and goods into Sub-Sahara they do offer professional supply chain channels assistance and other marketing and promotional services at large.

As consultants we understand import barriers and taxation and other related stator regulations which we assist our overseas clients in over coming in country by country compliance approval.

Locally we assist local producers, farmers, and exporters in identifying international markets for their products.

We are experts in international food and other produce commodities with contacts and networks in different international markets.

Our business is to enhance the competitiveness of both local and offshore enterprises in the Agribusiness sector and help them to capture the opportunities for increased trade and investment in Sub-Sahara – Africa brought about by globalization and economic liberalization.

Skylinks is uniquely positioned to assist our partners in business development by acting as intermediaries in market access.

Skylinks offers global support to the food industry, helping international brands and products, gain market access across Sub-Sahara – Africa market territories by:

  • Getting and delivering orders for foodstuffs from international foodstuff brands and companies seeking Africa market.
  • Acquiring orders and projects for value addition services and products into the market for: coffee, tea, macadamia nuts, roaster machineries and equipment’s Speciality tea and other products seeking orders or projects in Africa.
  • Identifying foreign exporters seeking market in the Sub-Sahara – Africa region.
  • Acquiring African exporters seeking market in overseas markets.
  • Identifying African exporters seeking value addition services and products.