Business Expansion Services to International Companies

We offer you strategic and hands-on assistance in exploring and seizing Sub-Sahara – African business opportunities.

Establishing and growing your Sub-Sahara – African business

We understand Western and Sub-Sahara – African business culture and are experts in matchmaking and supporting businesses in their African expansion.

We often hear of the country “Africa” that uniformly describes the opportunities of 49 Sub-Sahara – African nations and about 1.1 billion people.

Sub-Sahara – Africa is 49 diverse markets each with their unique business cultures and drivers. Even in comparatively market-integrated regions such as East Africa the differences are considerable.

Whether your business already has activities or offices in Sub-Sahara – Africa or you now wish to explore Africa´s vast opportunities, local market insights and network are key, we are here to assist with the strategic and hands-on resources required to explore and subsequently seize the opportunities.

Our team has since 2012 worked with international companies helping them quantify, qualify and act on the opportunities that Sub-Sahara Africa held for their business. Through our network of infield partners we are able to assist you across Sub-Sahara – Africa and connect you to consulting partners across Sub-Sahara Africa´s business hubs.

We offer you resources which only come from working and living for many years in the markets of your interest:

We work with and deliver services accelerating the business of Sub-Sahara African growth companies and international firms expanding in, into or across Sub-Sahara – Africa.

Avoid cultural and market pitfalls, minimize risks, secure the right partners and resources – all in the most time and cost effective manner. We are in the business of supporting the setting up of your business in Sub-Sahara Africa and acceleration of your business success.

We do this through services, which cater for each of the steps from idea/market opportunity to a successfully operational Sub-Sahara African business.

Our services are designed to support:

  • Development and growth of local businesses
  • Access to financing and investments
  • Business partnerships and joint ventures
  • Export to Sub-Sahara – Africa

We work with international companies interested in Sub-Sahara – Africa, national internationalization/export agencies, Sub-Sahara – African growth SMEs and international agencies focused on supporting business development and growth in Sub-Sahara – Africa.

If you are looking for a partner and consultant who is passionate about Sub-Sahara – Africa and its vast opportunities yet also very knowledgeable about its pitfalls and challenges then SIHL is the absolute right match. They are an entrepreneurial team with the skills you will need in Sub-Sahara – Africa.